The projected cover serves as a shade element for the La Canonja School football court.

It is composed of a structure of metal trusses and covered with polycarbonate, imitating the colors of the school facade.

The cover is held in each of the partitions at two different heights, allowing light to enter between these spaces.


Crematorium located in the north of Cambrils, next to the current cemetery.

The project serves to generate a new access to the cemetery (since the current one turns its back on the city), and is placed crossing the freeway below, so that the building serves as a companion of the new entrance, from which three routes, two of them as part of the project, lead to the niches in a staggered way, surrounding the river, and a third one that gives access to the existing cemetery.


This is a project that started with a personal character to improve drawing skills and techniques. The objective was to make a drawing of a significant scene or set of each film that I saw in the period of one month, in order to understand the concepts of design and composition of the scenes, using different techniques to convey the essence of each film.


The shelter is a project built with recycled materales in the URV campus yard with a maximum budget of 30 €.

The laces are made by geometry, without using glue or nails.

The way conforms to the silhouette of the person sitting in the tree fading.


This Project was done in 2011, as a research work or "treball de recerca", a project that takes place in the second year of a free-ranging baccalaureate that allows students to deepen and study subjects that interest them. In my case, I decided to carry out an investigation about the comic and the graphic novel, its characteristics and its history, and as field work or practical part, to make a graphic novel on my own by applying the techniques analyzed in the memory.

I decided to illustrate a book I already knew, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, to have a base from which to start and not have to invent a story. I started the project half a year earlier, with 16 years, to have more time than usual to develop the novel and reach a point in history in which I could illustrate different scenarios, characters and ranges of colors.


This is a Project developed as a weekly task for an Enviroment Design course, by Nathan Fowkes, a concept artist and visual developer artist for The Walt Disney Company. The task consists on designing five scenarios that represent five totally different emotions or ideas, using different compositions and values to make the viewer feel those emotions without the need to use a human character.


The island of Ibiza, known worldwide as a great entertainment center focused on the hotel trade, now has a big problem. The majority of workers in this sector are temporary workers who come from all over the world, and this causes a lack of housing in summer that is increasing.

Therefore, and so that permanent residents have the opportunity to receive training and promote work on the island, it is decided to design a Culinary School. This school is placed in Puig de Molins, the most isolated area of ​​the city because of the topography and the protected area that it has by its side.

Through the proposed stairs, the school is connected with the city center.

The school consists of two volumes, one dedicated to teaching and the other to services, with a cafeteria, restaurant, and a large kitchen. The stairs mentioned above finds its end at the entrance of the restaurant, and continues to the level of the street. The decision to generate two volumes responds to the temporality of the building, since teaching is only provided during the winter or school period, and the service building could remain open all year.


Last assignment for the Environmental Design course by Nathan Fowkes, which consisted on developing a solid portfolio piece into a finish.